Sierra Lobo Wins the George M. Low (GML) Award for a Second Time

Sierra Lobo Wins the George M. Low (GML) Award for a Second Time

We received word from NASA Headquarters that Sierra Lobo has won the prestigious George M. Low Award in the Small Business Service category for 2011.

Sierra Lobo previously won the GML Award in 2007, in the Small Business Product category, which includes hardware, software, research, and/or technology development. Previous winners must wait three years for re-nomination; therefore, it is especially noteworthy for our nomination and win in the minimum allowable time.

The GML Award is NASA’s premier quality and performance award. This award program recognizes large and small businesses that demonstrate excellence and outstanding technical and managerial achievements in quality and performance on NASA-related contracts. NASA selects only four contracts each year for the GML Award.

The award is named after George M. Low, a NASA leader who was dedicated to quality and excellence.

George M. Low’s career and achievements spanned many fields: space science, aeronautics, technology, and education. In the Space Program, he provided management and direction for the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and advanced manned missions.

George M. Low was a man with a vision – a vision shared by many who also dreamed that America should lead the way in astronautics and aeronautics. George M. Low stretched the boundaries of excellence, and by his example, we are motivated to do the same. Dedication to excellence is part of our Sierra Lobo culture.