Research and product development at Sierra Lobo’s TDEC advances the company’s mission of making it possible to explore new frontiers. The primary area of research is thermal management, specializing in storage and transfer of cryogenic propellants for rocket propulsion and other transportation.

Resources that are available for research at TDEC start with a well-rounded team of engineers, technicians, and scientists with experience across the spectrum of technology disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, thermal, and aerospace engineering. This lets Sierra Lobo design, build, and test products in a close-knit team environment. Fabrication equipment at TDEC includes CNC milling, 3D printing, and ample lab space for rapid iteration of designs to arrive at optimized products. Products are refined by testing in relevant environments using in-house test capabilities such as vibration, thermal vacuum, and safe handling of hydrogen.

TDEC’s excellence in product development has been recognized with two R&D 100 Awards. The first was for the CryoTracker in 2001. The second award, received with co-developers the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, was for the CryoForce UUV power system in 2011.

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R&D 100 Conference

Cryo-Force Power-Cell System

UUV research in TDEC’s test facility

Assembling a cubesat in a lab at TDEC