Technology Development Contracts

  • SLI to conceptualize, analyze, design, and fabricate a Thermal Chamber to be installed inside Bldg 065 at WPAFB.
  • LZBO Tank from Eden Cryogen
    At SLI-TDEC, we are currently developing a Ground Test Article (Project LZBO) for Cryogenic Storage for NASA’s Cryogenic Propellant Storage and Transfer (CPST) Program under NNC05CA95C, IWA-023.  LZBO is focused on the development of extensible flight subsystems, specifically a Liquid Oxygen System that incorporates three main thermal management subsystems that are being […]
  • Glenn RTA
    Create a demonstration of how space-related and green technology can be incorporated into the community, specifically electrolyzers and fuel cells to generate hydrogen fuel by electrolyzing water in a hydrogen bus fueling station. Site visits, meetings, and reviews of building and safety codes have resulted in initial site plans and logistic designs […]
  • Heat Exchanger System Check
    Design and build an oxygen heat exchanger system to control O2 temps to a small rocket nozzle test article. O2 Outlet Temperature Range: 90K to ambient temperature O2 Pressure Range: 200 – 2,200 psig O2 Flowrate: 0.3 to 30.0 g/s (< 10% that of the PCFS skids at GRC) Scope includes 1 […]
  • Cooling Tower on the Roof of B-2 with Piping
    The IWA is for the design, build, installation, checkout, and startup of a closed-loop cooling tower system at B-2; the cooling system is to provide cooling water to all of the facility vacuum components. TFOME performed the build-up, installation, checkout, and startup of the system with SLI oversight. The cooling water system is […]