As Prime, Sierra Lobo was responsible for supporting the Redstone Test Center (RTC) in their mission to provide advance testing of weapons systems and components for the Department of Defense, its contractors, and other allied governments. Sierra Lobo provided support in the following capacities:


  • Test Plans and Procedures – Prepared test program plans, detailed test plans, outline test plans, Test and Evaluation Master Plans (TEMPs) simulation support plans, test descriptions, test procedures, countdowns, checklists, and other associated test documentation as required, and prepare Standing Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Document Review and Comment – Reviewed test plans, procedures, countdowns, checklists, standing operating procedures, and related test documentation provided from other sources as required. The results of these reviews were documented
  • Test and Inspection Reports – Prepared test reports. Reviewed and provided comments to documentation created by other sources

Technical Support

Provided technical support to the RTC in planning and execution of test and evaluation of military and non-military systems, subsystems and components.

  • Acquisition Program Documentation – Provided expertise to develop and maintain test and evaluation master plans, simulation support plans, and other acquisition program documents
  • Detailed Test Planning – Provided support for test program planning, including preparation and review of detailed test plans and procedures
  • Test Procedures – Provided support to prepare step-by-step detailed test procedures, checklists, standing operating procedures, and countdown procedures for use in the conduction of tests
  • Test Documentation Evaluation – Reviewed and evaluated test plans, test reports, and test sections of other related documents
  • Weapon System and Equipment Performance Assessment – Provided assessment of weapon systems and equipment by evaluating test results and reports and by preparing data analysis. Prepared reports to document results of weapon systems and equipment performance assessments
  • Test Incident Reports (TIRs) – Prepared TIRs, electronically recorded TIRs in the Army Automated TIR System (ATIRS) as requested
  • Test Reports – Prepared the various types of test reports required by collecting, monitoring, and recording all necessary data during all aspects of the test
  • Publishing Documents – After generating test documentation, published those documents as required
  • Test Databases – Created, modified, and maintained computer databases of test program documentation, test details, test results and findings, test equipment, materiel inventories, and test schedules, and test incident reports
  • Environmental Assessments – Provided support for preparing environmental documentation, including Test Range and Site Specific Environmental Assessments, in support of the RTC test mission. This support required a working knowledge of, and compliance with, the National Environmental Policy Act, DoDD 5000.1 and DoDI 5000.02 (environmental requirements applicable to acquisition process), AR 200-1, and AR 200-2, as well as knowledge of state and local agencies to be contacted and advised as part of the assessment processes
  • Operations Safety – Provided expertise in establishment and monitoring of an operations safety program specific to RTC, if required. Provided safety engineering support to RTC for implementing new test operations and for monitoring ongoing operations
  • Regulatory Compliance – Evaluated compliance with Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM), ATEC, and Operational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA) regulations
  • Graphics and Presentation Support – Created and provided graphics-intensive media and artist renderings for presentations, brochures, posters, videos, and other documents and displays
  • Workload Planning Strategy – Examined Army, DoD, Homeland Security, and other government agency out-year plans (five years minimum) to identify emerging technologies and potential new customers with the highest probability of significant future workload. Incorporated these findings into a plan and advise RTC System Engineering Directorate on strategic planning
  • Displays and Exhibits – Designed, drew, provided, modified, fabricated, assembled, and transported test organization displays, exhibits, and supplies. Supported staffing of the display or exhibit as requested
  • General Test Program Support – Supported and assisted the RTC in coordinating test schedules, and in developing and updating briefing materials and presenting the same. Attended and provided support for relevant meetings such as flight test reviews, Test and Evaluation Working-Level Integrated Product Team meetings, test readiness reviews, and program reviews


  • During performance of the effort, provided status reports, information papers, and supporting information. Received draft briefing material and converted the material into presentable form. Attended meetings and reviews at the request of Test Management Division in order to obtain information and data for preparation of test plans, standing operating procedures, reports, and other test program documentation

Test Documentation

  • Provided a complete (test, tables, photographs, drawings, etc.) final version of each document in an electronic format compliant with the best commercial practices and compatible with the Microsoft Windows applications and Microsoft Office software presently being used by RTC. Maintained a library of all documents

Performance and Cost Reporting

  • Prepared monthly performance and cost reports


  • Adhered to AR 380-5 for proper security practices for safeguarding of classified material and maintaining the physical security of government buildings and equipment utilized by the contractor. Complied with the security standing operating procedures for each respective branch

Security Clearance

  • Obtained and maintained a SECRET facility clearance and provides adequate cleared personnel at the SECRET level to perform classified tasks

Contract Manpower Reporting

  • Reported all contractor manpower (including subcontractor manpower) required for performance of the contract