Kennedy Space Center, FL


As part of the TOSC team, we provide personnel who report to Jacobs TOSC Management in designing products and services in areas such as propellants, gases, electrical power, systems engineering and integration, reliability, human factors, cryogenics, hypergolic, pneumatics, hydraulics, fiber optics, communication systems, information technology security systems, sensors, instrumentation, hazardous gas detection, intelligent systems, modeling and simulation, computer hardware, software, networking, system safety, quality, configuration management, maintainability, contamination control, control systems, mechanical systems, structures, stress and load analyses, vibro-acoustic analyses, thermal analyses, computational fluid dynamics, data analyses, industrial engineering, materials science, electronic design, data acquisition, metrology, and atmospheric science.



The following activities are supported by Sierra Lobo and other contractors within the TOSC Engineering

Crew Access Arm (CAA) Seal Testing at KSC’s Launch Equipment Test Facility using the Vehicle Motion Simulator (Photo Credit: NASA)



  • Requirements definition and management
  • Technology assessment
  • Trade studies
  • Concept development
  • Design
  • Fabrication and assembly
  • Integration
  • Testing
  • Analyses
  • Installation
  • Verification, validation, documentation, and delivery