NASA selected HX5 Sierra, LLC to Prime the Test Facility Operations, Maintenance, Engineering Services (TFOME) II contract at Lewis Field in Cleveland and Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, Ohio. HX5 Sierra is a populated Joint Venture (JV) consisting of: HX5, LLC and Sierra Lobo, Inc. (SLI).

HX5 Sierra, LLC provides operations, engineering, and maintenance support services for NASA Glenn Research Center’s (GRC) research facilities and laboratories. We augment the civil servant workforce in most facilities, and work collaboratively with numerous customers, internal and external to GRC, to accomplish testing milestones across aeronautics and space program areas. We ensure that the test facilities are maintained properly, are available to support the testing requirements, and are state-of-the-art in terms of their capabilities.

Some of the facilities we support includes wind tunnels, engine altitude chambers, engine component facilities, space simulation chambers, zero gravity facilities, instrumentation R&D laboratories, materials and structures R&D laboratories, clean rooms, and rocket test facilities. HX5 Sierra works on tasks that include:

  • Testing– cradle-to-grave:
    • Test Pursuit and Planning, Test Operations, Test Preparation, Post-Test Activities
  • Manufacturing
    • Staff Augmentation on GRC Shop Floor, Surge Support Staff, Supply Manufactured Hardware
  • Lifting Devices and Equipment (LDE)
  • PBS Institutional Support
    • PBS Infrastructure and Institutional Systems Operations and Maintenance, PBS Institutional Services
  • Management and Administration/Resource Management
    • Work Identification and Planning, Work Control, Workforce

This NASA graphic describes how Boundary Layer Ingestion happens and some of its potential benefits. Credits: Double Bubble Concept: Don Foley. BLI Illustration: NASA /Lillian Gipson

Inside the 8’ x 6’ wind tunnel at NASA Glenn, engineers recently tested a fan and inlet design, commonly called a propulsor (Photo credits: NASA, Rami Daud, Alcyon Technical Services)