Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle Program Integration Services Contract (MPIC) – NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

NASA Johnson Space Center

NASA Johnson Space Center

Sierra Lobo was responsible for test and operations support for the Constellation Program Office on the Constellation Technical Support Contract at NASA Johnson Space Center. The office was established to manage, develop, and integrate the flight and ground infrastructure and systems required to enable continued human access to space after the Space Shuttle retirement and for future crewed missions to the moon, mars, and beyond. The work included the Orion Crew Vehicle, the Ares I Crew Launch Vehicle, and the Ares IV Cargo Vehicle. Sierra Lobo provided support in an integrated contract team environment in the following capacities:

Test and Evaluation

  • Interface and Integration testing
  • Developed plans for the stacked vehicle interface and integration development/verification activities
  • Prepared multiple flight system and element integration verification plans
  • Identified and documented final pre-flight checkouts and integrated acceptance testing
  • Defined and reviewed integrated recovery system development testing and verification plans
  • Identified interface and integration test facilities and develop plans, including costs, for the preparation and use of the facilities and associated support equipment
  • Prepared multiple flight system and element integration testing requirements and plans
  • Prepared requirements and plans for Constellation Program multi-system collaborative integration and verification activities, such as Multiple Element Integration Testing (MEIT) and Flight Element Integrated Testing (FEIT). These activities included analysis, tests, and demonstrations
  • Defined architecture and interface tooling, test equipment, and emulator requirements
  • Identified the need for prototype hardware and/or software to support test and verification of requirements and interfaces
  • Flight Testing
  • Developed and implemented the Constellation Program flight testing strategy and formulate the flight testing objectives, requirements, and plans in collaboration with Constellation Program organizations and the Constellation Project Offices
  • Developed Constellation Program flight test plans to verify systems, satisfy requirements, and validate the system’s ability to accomplish mission objectives
  • Developed Constellation Program integrated safety and crew survival-function flight testing, such as ascent abort testing
  • Identified facilities for Constellation Program flight testing and develop plans for the preparation and use of the facilities and associated support equipment
  • Test and Verification Management and Strategic Planning
  • Coordinated, facilitated, and supported Test and Verification management and administration efforts, including, but not limited to, organization of Test and Verification assignments, action items, calendars, board/panel/working group administration support, schedule assessments, information management, data management, process and tools training, Constellation Program review preparation and coordination, and requirements management

Test and Verification

  • Program Technical Integration (Test and Verification)
  • Planned and developed Test and Verification Requirements (TVRs), Master Integration and Verification Plan for program-owned requirements, including the verification logic
  • Tracked verification implementation through design, qualification, and acceptance phases
  • Developed detailed verification objectives and verification logic networks for interface verification
  • Master Integration and Verification Planning