Advisory and Assistance Services for the Missile Defense Agency (MiDAESS)

Sierra Lobo is a sub to CSC on this contract. The MiDAESS acquisition encompasses the Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS) for the Missile Defense Agency (MDA). The Engineering Capability Group encompasses two separate MDA functional organizations, Systems Engineering and Test. These organizations are responsible for the planning and execution of engineering responsibilities for the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) and each of the geographically dispersed programs within the MDA. The Engineering and Test Directorates utilize a matrix management approach that ensures engineering, technical analysis/support, scientific, systems engineering, and test planning and test execution activities are conducted uniformly and consistently while using common data sets and practices across the Agency.

The principal MDA engineering functions are defined as the Unifying Missile Defense Functions (UMDF). The UMDF are identified as a set of common functions essential for integrating capabilities the Agency has developed. These functions are:

  • Sensor Registration
  • Correlation
  • System Track
  • System Discrimination
  • Battle Management
  • Hit / Kill Assessment
  • Communications

The MDA utilizes a disciplined system engineering process to develop and integrate the BMDS into a unified, effective, layered, defense against ballistic missiles of all ranges during all phases of flight.