Sierra Lobo’s extensive wind tunnel test and operations experience is crucial to our support of the Center Maintenance Operations and Engineering (CMOE) Contract at NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC). Sierra Lobo is a part of an integrated Jacobs contract team, which provides operations, maintenance, engineering, and general support services for LaRC infrastructure and test facilities. We have been supporting LaRC test operations since 1999.

Research Facility Operations Include:

  • Operations Management
  • Test Engineering
  • Facility Systems Engineering
  • Digital Controls Engineering
  • Laser and Dynamic Data Support
  • Test Management
  • Test Article Integration
  • Technical Operations
  • Electrical System Support
  • Fluid Systems Support
  • Facility Safety
  • Wind Tunnel Model Structural Analysis
  • Facility Configuration Management
  • Facility and Test Documentation
  • Facility Coordination
  • Facility Scheduling and Integration

Instrument Services Include:

  • Institutional Standards, Calibration Procedures and Policies
  • Inspection, Measuring, and Test Equipment (IM&TE) Logistics, Maintenance and Repair
  • Industrial (Facility) Instrumentation

Examples of Some of the Testing Supported Include:

  • X-51 Scramjet Engine test at Mach 5
  • Supported Boeing investigations that resulted in the return to flight status of its Delta II Heavy launch vehicle
  • Supported many Ares I, Crew Exploration Vehicle and Launch Abort System tests for the Constellation Program
  • Tested research and development articles for HondaJet, Gulfstream and Boeing commercial aircraft
  • Tested rotorcraft for Sikorsky
  • Tested UAVs for various aerospace companies

General Engineering Services Include:

  • Tactical Engineering Services
  • Field Consultation
  • Analyses
  • Design Modifications
  • Field Verification of Drawings
  • Pressure Systems Recertification Services
  • Recertification NDE Requirements
  • Storage of Radiographic Film
  • Re-certification Drafting Requirements