Aerospace Testing and Facilities Operations and Maintenance Contract (ATOM) IV – NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View, CA

NASA Ames Aerial View

NASA Ames Aerial View

Sierra Lobo, as part of an integrated team of contractors and civil service staff, provides operations, maintenance, and engineering support to the Thermo-Physics Facilities Branch and the Thermal Protection Materials Branch at Ames Research Center on this performance-based task order contract. On this contract, Sierra Lobo provides technical support to four arc jet facilities, three ballistic ranges, one electric arc shock tube, a sensors and materials development laboratory, a calibration lab, and four high energy support facilities. The test facilities and auxiliary systems supported include the following:

ArcJet Complex:

  • Interaction Heating Facility (IHF)
  • Panel Test Facility (PTF)
  • Aerodynamic Heating Facility (AHF)
  • Turbulent Flow Duct (TFD / 2×9)

Ballistic Ranges:

  • Ames Vertical Gun Range (AVGR)
  • Hypervelocity Free-Flight Aerodynamic Facility (HFFAF)
  • Electric Arc Shock Tube (EAST) Facility

Teflon Calibration Model in IHF


  • Sensors and Materials Development Laboratory
  • Calibration Laboratory

Support Facilities:

  • Steam Vacuum System (SVS)
  • Arc Jet High Pressure Air System (AJAS)
  • High Voltage Arc Jet Power Systems
  • High Pressure Cooling Water Systems
  • Industrial Recycled Water Facility

Sierra Lobo has consistently received “Excellent” ratings on this contract, resulting in two contract renewals.

Sierra Lobo provides support in an integrated contract team environment in the following capacities:

Test Services Include:

  • Test Preparation
    • Instrumentation
    • Model Development and associated mounting hardware
    • Special Facility modifications
    • Data-acquisition and specialized data acquisition software development and support
    • Training of test and facility personnel, as applicable, on new facility enhancements including hardware, software, and operations procedures
  • Test Operations
    • Complete and document changes to test-related hardware and software
    • Collect and archive raw data and provide reduced data sets to customer during test operations
  • Post-Test Operations
    • Return facility to the base-line configuration
    • Remove instrumentation and return to inventory or customer
    • Remove and return model-related hardware to inventory or customer
    • Prepare final documentation set for delivery to test customer

Development Services Include:

  • Project Plans and Designs
    • Develop project requirements document with detailed cost estimate and schedule
    • Produce project plans detailing work breakdown structure, resource requirements and their allocation
    • Complete studies, conceptual design, design reviews, and final design in accordance with configuration management procedures
    • Complete safety, environmental, and mission assurance analysis
  • Project Implementation/Installation
    • Complete fabrication, software programming, assembly, and installation for ATOM III projects
    • Complete required Quality Assurance/Quality Control activities ensuring documentation is in accordance with Configuration Management procedures
    • Complete personnel training in regards to project implementation
  •  Project Checkout
    • Complete and document repairs and changes for each project checkout
    • Ensure project results are consistent with project requirements
    • Plan and perform an integrated systems test and participate in final reviews necessary to qualify system readiness
    • Develop project documentation and update facility information documents, including as-built drawings, in accordance with Configuration Management procedures
    • Conduct closeout activities

General Services Include:

  • Operation of Support Facilities
    • Operate the support facilities to ensure that utilities or functionality is available to the aerospace facilities when needed
    • Restore support facilities to operational status in the event of unforeseen circumstances or emergencies
    • Ensure that no safety or environmental regulation violations occur during performance of this work
    • Coordinate maintenance, repair, and calibration of the support facilities to ensure that utilities or functionality will be available to the aerospace facilities when needed
  • Maintenance, Repairs, and Calibration
    • Ensure that test and support facilities are operationally ready
    • Perform maintenance and repairs to avoid unscheduled facility shutdowns
    • Respond to unforeseen events/emergencies to restore facilities to operational status
    • Develop long term maintenance, calibration, and repair plans
    • Operate Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) to schedule maintenance work
    • Perform maintenance, calibration, and repair work in accordance with safety, environmental, and other applicable regulations
    • Document maintenance, calibration, and repair work
  • Administration
    • These services include: Resource Scheduling, Property Management, Procurement, Safety, Environmental, and Mission Assurance, Contract Reporting, Configuration Management, and IT System Administration