Sierra Lobo Inc. (SLI), partnered with Analytical Services & Materials Inc., provides a full range of professional and technical services to the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Aerospace Systems Directorate, at Wright-Patterson AFB under the Aerodynamic Validation Capabilities, (AVal), Support Services contract. This includes the personnel, equipment, materials, supervision and on-site services necessary to support test and evaluation operations, systems engineering evaluations, and advanced technologies research.

Our team is responsible for design, analysis, preparation, assembly, modification, maintenance, and operation activities associated with facility and test apparatus. We also design, prepare, fabricate, assemble, install, modify, checkout, maintain, calibrate, operate, analyze, document and tear down equipment associated with the various flow diagnostic systems used.





The specific areas of operations supported by the AVal team consist of the  following:

  • Management/Front Office Functions
    • Contract Program Management
    • Direct Material Purchasing
    • Documentation
  • Wind Tunnel Test Operations
    • Wind Tunnel Operation
    • Experimental Test Plan Development, Execution, and Reporting
    • Flow Diagnostics
    • Wind Tunnel Capabilities Upgrades/Planning
    • Data Acquisition
    • Test Article Preparation
    • Instrumentation Systems
    • Controls Systems
  •  Maintenance
    • Preventive Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance Inspection (PM/PMI)
    • Mechanical Systems
    • Electrical Systems
  •  Logistics
    • Tool Management
    • Stock Management
    • Test Measurement & Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) and Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Program Management
    • Hazardous Materials and Waste Handling (HAZMAT) Program
    • Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Program
      • Industrial Safety Program