Open Letter to NASA Wallops Engineering Services Contract Employees

As you may be aware, Sierra Lobo, Inc. is in the process of bidding for the NASA Wallops Engineering Services contract (WESC).  Sierra Lobo is a long-standing member of the NASA community.  We currently provide engineering support to seven NASA centers and are excited about this opportunity to contribute to NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility’s Missions.

As a part of our pre-award transition activities, we are interested in discussing future employment opportunities with each and every one of you.  We have established a website and also a telephone hot line to provide you with information regarding Sierra Lobo, Inc., and our plans for an orderly and efficient transition in which your interests are addressed on a personal basis.  Our transition plan is based on ensuring that continuity of operations and services continue uninterrupted during this transformation period.

For a confidential discussion, please contact us via our hot line to be directed to the appropriate Sierra Lobo management personnel.

We look forward to meeting with you and discussing your future at the Wallops Flight Facility with Sierra Lobo, Inc.


Hot Line:









About Sierra Lobo

Sierra Lobo is a minority-owned enterprise based in Ohio, with offices in Greenbelt, MD; Hampton Roads, Virginia; Huntsville, Alabama; Moffet Field, California; Merritt Island, Florida; and New Orleans, Louisiana.  Sierra Lobo provides engineering and technical services that support NASA and DoD research and technology development efforts. Founded in 1993, Sierra Lobo today employs over 560 people, and has a Technology Development and Engineering Center (TDEC) and operations office in Milan, Ohio.

For more information on Sierra Lobo, please visit: or call 419.499.WOLF (9653).