SPOTLIGHT ON AVAL: Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, OH

Spirit Award

In June, five members of the AS&M – Sierra Lobo Aerodynamic Validation Capabilities Support Services (AVal) Contracting Team at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio, were recognized for their contributions to the Transonic Gasdynamic Facility (TGF) Team. Their contributions ensured the high success of the May 2017 wind tunnel testing of models that are part of the SPIRIT program.

SPIRIT is a low-cost, proof-of-concept, test program for Future Air Dominance inlet technologies feeding larger-scale inlet concept validation test programs for Contracted Research and Development.

Working seamlessly with their Military and Government counterparts at the Air Force Research Laboratory’s (AFRL) Aero Validation Branch, the efforts of the AVal contractors directly contributed to recognition of the TGF Team as the very best at the AFRL Division level. Aero Validation Branch Chief, Larry Leny, directly contacted AS&M President, Jalaiah Unnam, to let him know how grateful he was for the performance of these men.

AS&M’s AVal Contract Program Manager, Ron Sherrill, presented each team member a framed Special Achievement Award from AS&M’s President, Jalaiah Unnam. Each awardee also received a bonus from his respective company.

Joe Wiley
Director – Business Development
Sierra Lobo, Inc.
Milan, OH

Spotlight on AVal
Spotlight on AVal
AVal Contract Program Manager Ron Sherrill (AS&M), TGF Tunnel Operator Keith Koon (Sierra Lobo), Instrumentation Technician Stephen Geary (AS&M), TGF Tunnel Engineer Shawn Raisch (AS&M), Mechanical Technician Rick Zimmerman (AS&M), Data Systems Engineer Paul Smith (AS&M)