SPOTLIGHT ON TDEC: FIRST Robotics Competition

SLI-Sponsored Robotics Team Wins in Off-Season Competition

September 23, 2017, FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Team 2252 “Mavericks” of the EHOVE Career Center in Milan, OH, recently won the 2017 Mahoning Valley Robotics Competition (MVRC). The Fourth Annual Event was held this year at Warren G. Harding High School in Warren, OH, and attracted teams from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Illinois.

FRC 2252 successfully defended their 2016 MVRC win with Alliance Captain FRC 2399 “The Fighting Unicorns” of Hathaway Brown School for Girls in Shaker Heights, OH, and FRC 6291 “FBI – Fostering Better Innovation” of Erie, PA. At the end of morning qualification matches, the Mavericks found themselves in Last Place, but were able to “dust off the cobwebs” and make a competitive showing in the afternoon. The Official 2017 Season ended for the Mavericks in April 2017 at the FRC World Championship in St. Louis, following a record-setting year. Numerous unofficial off-season events (such as MVRC) are held across the world, each year, in order to give teams an opportunity to introduce new team members to the competition; further inspire students to consider careers in Science, Technology, Math and Engineering (STEM); and have fun in a relatively low-pressure environment. The 2018 season will begin with the unveiling of a new game called “Power Up” on January 6, 2018.

Alex J. Yeckley
Manager, Engineered Systems
Sierra Lobo, Inc.
Milan, OH

Spotlight on TDEC
Spotlight on TDEC
2017 MVRC Winning Alliance of FRC 2252, FRC 2399 and FRC 6291