• Multi-Axis, High-Speed Machining with Large Diameter Turning
  • Hydraulic Shear, Punch Pressing and Hot Stamping, Rollers, Various Tube Benders and Flaring Machines, Sander/Grinders, Vertical Mills, Drill Press, Band Saw
  • Precision Machining
  • Sheet Metal, Tubing and Piping, Cutting, Beveling, and Other Fabrication Processes
  • Electronics Fabrication

In addition to these general machining and fabrication tasks, our staff has extensive experience in the following processes:

  • Surface Treatment: Oxygen Cleaning, Passivation, Plating, Anodizing, and Dry Film Lubrication
  • Coating: Priming, Full Painting, Brush Electroplating, and Casting Impregnation
  • Welding and Heat Treatment: Certified Welding in accordance with ASME Code (TIG, MIG, SMAW, and Orbital)
  • Propellant Handling/Testing: Propellant handling and high energy testing in our Sierra Lobo Test Facility (SLTF) in Milan, OH, which has provisions to satisfy NFPA sitting and exclusion zone requirements.

Sierra Lobo has a highly skilled, multi-disciplined technical work force to perform in-house, as well as on-site customer machining services, in accordance with ASME/ANSI code fabrication and quality assurance requirements.

  • Our mechanical technicians possess advanced mechanical training and are certified in using tools, measuring instruments, specialized, non-conventional and complex machining and fabricating equipment and in operating complicated and varied mechanical parts, components, and systems.
  • Our Instrumentation Laboratory develops innovative solutions for difficult problems in instrumentation and measurement technology.
  • We design and produce cost effective, compact, lightweight, low power, user-friendly solutions.
  • Our Instrumentation Laboratory supports and enhances our research efforts through the design and fabrication of custom instrumentation automation packages
  • Our instrumentation personnel have extensive experience in the installation and fabrication of system instrumentation including pressure, flow, temperature, and strain gauge instruments.

In addition to the hardware fabrication, Sierra Lobo provides research hardware, systems validation and testing services. Typical tests include:

  • Aerodynamic Testing – Supersonic and Subsonic Wind Tunnels
  • Dynamic Actuation, Vibration and Acceleration Testing – Sinusoidal and Random, Multi-Axis Vibration at Cryogenic Temperatures
  • Environmental Simulation Testing – Temperature, Humidity, Altitude, Rain, and Solar Light
  • Cryogenic Fluid Research – Handling, Operations, Insulation, Densification, and Storage
  • Strength and Reliability/Durability Testing – Stress, Fatigue, and Aging to ASTM or Custom Specifications

Sierra Lobo is an AS9100 and ISO 9001:2008 registered company. Sierra Lobo’s Quality Assurance Office provides in-house and outside services that include scheduled quality inspections, ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9001:2000 Compliance, documenting non-conformances, reporting discrepancies, completing Acceptance Data Packages, ensuring that personnel are properly certified and trained, and establishing a Preventative Corrective Action Program. Sierra Lobo’s Quality Assurance Office also provides material certification, recording and filing certification records, and aligning and calibrating all machining and fabrication tools and equipment.

Additional Hardware Fabrication Expertise

  • Spacecraft primary structure
  • Instrument and sensors
  • Mechanical subassemblies
  • Process systems for hazards operations
  • Electronics assemblies
  • Electromechanical devices
  • Thermal control devices and subsystems
  • Thermal flight experiments
  • Precision assembly clean-room operations of flight hardware