Electrical and Electronics

  • Cryo-Tracker® electronics, PCB for commercial, test tank, and flight applications
  • Development of high-temperature strain, thermocouples, heat flux, flow, and multifunctional sensors
  • Thin film and ceramic sensor development, multifunctional thin film sensor designed and built in-house
    (U.S. Patent 5,979,243)
  • Developed and implemented the low-gravity guidance system (LGGS 2), which has been installed and used on GRC Lear Jet 25, GRC DC-9, JSC KC-135, and JSC C-9
  • Designed, developed, and manufactured specialized instruments for thermal protection systems
  • PCB, embedded programming, micro-controllers, flight certified fabrication
  • High-temperature optical temperature sensors
  • Tools: Auto CAD Electrical, ProTel, Orcad
  • Avionics and electronics for Zero G Aircraft

Information Technology, Software, Controls, Data Acquisition (DAQ)

  • Manage secure corporate-level network systems that support advanced technology development work for a workforce of more than 30 FTE occupying 18,000 ft. 2 engineering/office space
  • Engineering tools – design, modeling, simulation
  • Project management, business management
  • Knowledge management
  • At NASA Ames, Sierra Lobo maintains the thermo-physics branch LAN system
  • Develop specialized engineering simulation tools in support of R&D and engineering analysis
  • Design, program, and operate high and low speed data acquisition systems in support of R&D and T&E
  • Develop and operate process control systems for remote and critical system and hardware operations