Sierra Lobo has provided a wide range of Test and Evaluation (T&E) services at government facilities since the founding of our company in 1994. Our heritage is built upon providing these services in support of critical, complex, hazardous testing. Recent and current customers include:

  • NASA: Langley Research Center; Glenn Research Center; Ames Research Center; Kennedy Space Center; Marshall Space Flight Center; Goddard Space Flight Center; Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • U.S. Air Force: Arnold Engineering and Development Complex; Air Force Research Laboratory/Wright-Patterson and Edwards AFB
  • U.S. Army: Redstone Test Center, Adelphi Laboratory Center
  • Numerous other agency and industry customers that we provide test services through Sierra Lobo’s Technology Development and Engineering Center (TDEC)

We provide a full range of services addressing all aspects of T&E as well as Research & Development Testing.

An SLI engineer tests a thin film sensor in a clean room.


Capabilities and Skills

  • Test planning
  • Design of experiments
  • Hardware & software design and development
  • Model integration
  • Data acquisition and reduction
  • Reporting and documentation
  • Technical support
  • Risk assessment and hazard analysis

Technologies, Facilities, and Systems

  • Wind tunnels
  • Propulsion
  • Space simulation – thermal vacuum
  • Environmental and climatics

    SLI employees from the CMOE contract supported an Orion drop test at NASA Langley Research Center.

  • Vibration, shock, and acoustics
  • Flight range operations
  • Precision clean room
  • Material properties
  • Sensor development
  • Ballistic gun ranges
  • Fuels and propellants
  • Structures
  • Missile and aviation systems
  • Space flight hardware
  • Advanced air-breathing, rocket, and chemical propulsion systems
  • Communications and electronics
  • Thermal protective systems
  • Gelled fuels & densified propellants
  • Cryogenics