Technology Development and Engineering Center

The TDEC facility provides the opportunity for Sierra Lobo professionals to offer a comprehensive approach to your engineering, research, IT, technology development and project management needs. All of our engineering and fabrication systems are controlled by our registered AS9100 and ISO 9001:2008 compliant processes. Sierra Lobo’s adherence to strict project and quality management allows for quick response to customer needs, timely project completion within customer budget and schedule constraints, and earns us high customer satisfaction ratings.

Technology Development and Engineering Center

Experienced Team Offers Engineering and Technical Services

  • Unique solutions to condition, store, and transfer cryogenic fuels and oxidizers, hydrocarbons, hypergols and high pressure gases
  • Test facility enhancements from design and commissioning
  • Specialty test hardware design and fabrication
  • Prototype development hardware design, fabrication and validation
  • Build to print mechanical, electrical, data and controls systems
  • Design, Fabrication, Testing, Validation and Commissioning of turnkey skid or palletized process systems including instrumentation and controls

Our Engineering Team Offers:

  • Varying degrees of Systems Engineering and Project Management throughout the project life cycle
  • Experience in multiple thermal, fluidic and structural analytical programs, and modeling and drawing software
  • Specialty developed codes for cryogenic applications
  • Demonstrated proficiency in ASME, NEC, IPC Standards, NFPA and AWS
  • Development of technical specifications and cost estimation
  • Design and installation capabilities for Hazardous Electrical Classifications

Fabrication and Assembly Capabilities

  • Machining and welding capabilities
  • Certified ASME and AWS Welding including TIG, MIG, SMAW, and Orbital Welding
  • Handling and assembly of precision cleaned hardware
  • Handling and assembly of flight hardware
  • Fabrication of power distribution cabinets, control panels, variable frequency motor controls, SCR control systems, PLC enclosures and specialty harnesses
  • PLC, High Speed DAQ, HMI programming
  • Embedded control design, installation and testing
  • Fabrication of Printed Circuit Boards
  • Fabrication of PLC enclosures and wire terminations
  • Clean room assembly area to ISO Class 8
  • Bonded storage area
  • Chemical handling laboratory
  • Instrumentation build up area

Hardware Validation and Test Capabilities

  • Remotely located Liquid Hydrogen Test Facility
  • Remote control room and customer viewing area
  • Cryogenic and ambient fuels, oxidizer, high pressure gases and vacuum capabilities
  • Multiple portable low speed and high speed DAQ and control systems
  • State of the art lab space