Sierra Lobo has extensive experience designing and building complex R&D hardware including demonstrated capability for building aerospace flight hardware for major aerospace corporations. We are currently developing hardware for the Next Generation Launch Technology Program including state of the art cryogenic systems, instrumentation, and electronics; all in a dynamic, concurrent engineering environment requiring close interface between our engineers, technicians, and other technical organizations.

Sierra Lobo has a highly skilled, multi-disciplined technical workforce to perform in-house, as well as on-site, customer machining services. All of our machines are calibrated with certified measurement and inspection tools. We also have the ability to bring additional manufacturing capability rapidly through an extensive network of highly qualified and specialized subcontractors.


The Sierra Lobo machining services include general machining, precision machining, sheet metal and tubing fabrication, welding, electronics fabrication, surface treatment, and other manufacturing services, in strict accordance with ASME/ANSI code fabrication and quality assurance requirements. In addition to general machining skills, Sierra Lobo has a highly trained workforce that is proficient in machining exotic materials including titanium, inconel alloys, and composites. Our machining technicians are trained to:

  • Determine the correct machining speeds, feeds, and depth of cut for proper surface finishes
  • Utilize “Balanced Machining” technique to reduce or eliminate residual stresses
  • Avoid altering the basic material properties
  • Avoid excessive heat from developing around the cutting surface

The Sierra Lobo fabrication shop capabilities include:

  • Multi-Axis, High-Speed Machining with Large Diameter Turning
  • Hydraulic Shear, Pressing and Hot Stamping, Rollers, Various Tube Benders and Flaring Machines, Sander/Grinders, Vertical Mills, Drill Press, Band Saw
  • Precision Machining
  • Cutting and Beveling of Sheet Metal, Tubing, Piping, and Other Fabrication Processes